CruiseControl.Net Missing Xml node (sourceControls) for required member (ThoughtWorks . CruiseControl . Core . Sourcecontrol . MultiSourceControl . SourceControls).

It’s a silly error but the solution is not very obvious or logical… I modified my CruiseControl.Net configuration to include multiple source control nodes, but it started complaining that the XML was malformed. The error was something like

[CCNet Server] ERROR CruiseControl.NET [(null)] - Exception: 
  Unable to instantiate CruiseControl projects from configuration document.
  Configuration document is likely missing Xml nodes required for properly populating CruiseControl configuration.
  Missing Xml node (sourceControls) for required member (ThoughtWorks.CruiseControl.Core.Sourcecontrol.MultiSourceControl.SourceControls).
  Xml: <sourcecontrol><sourcecontrols><hg><executable>C:\Program Files\TortoiseHg\hg.exe</executable> […]

It complains of a missing sourceControls node for required member SourceControls – but it’s present in the xml. The problem is the capital “C”: 1. XML is case-sensitive. 2. CruiseControl config tags are inconsistent in that sourcecontrol is not camel-cased but sourceControls is. That’s what confused me - hopefully this post will help someone else.

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