Repository moved temporarily to '/viewvc/nhibernate/trunk/'; please relocate

When trying to switch my local Subversion copy of the NHibernate source to a different tag (from 3.1GA to trunk, in this case), I got this error:

Repository moved temporarily to '/viewvc/nhibernate/trunk/'; please relocate

The frustrating thing was that I was trying to relocate to exactly this url. And if I tried others, it said that I should relocate to them… I searched the net in vain for the solution, the only information I got is that I should re-configure my apache server (thanks a bunch!)

The problem is, in fact, simple: the URL is wrong. I thought I could just copy the repository’s URL from my web browser, like I do with other sites. Not here: there’s a separate entry for direct SVN access. So instead of using this url:

use this one:

It does seem like a simple problem but the solution wasn’t so easy to find.


  • arun

    ran into the same problem. i suspected the link i was using was wrong but every other link simply mentioned some apache configuration issue. thanks!

    posted by arun ponedeljak, 09 jul 2012 21:53 Comment Link
  • ganesh

    your solution put an end to my 3 days searching...
    Thanks a ton to u...

    posted by ganesh utorak, 15 maj 2012 16:27 Comment Link
  • jaccus

    saved me a lot of time, thanks

    posted by jaccus ponedeljak, 14 maj 2012 02:37 Comment Link

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