An update to “Remote File Sync using WCF and MSF”

This is a follow-up to Bryant Likes’ post where he gave a prototype solution for file synchronization over WCF. I converted the code to Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0 so now it compiles and seems to run well enough. But you have to keep in mind that it isn’t a complete example (it wasn’t that in the original code either): it only does upload sync, it doesn’t have any conflict resolution logic etc. It is my opinion that this is not really worth pursuing any further, because one would need to develop two complete custom providers - and all that (just for copying files?) when there’s an existing FileSyncProvider in the framework which knows how to cooperate with other providers so it should be able to communicate over WCF… On the other hand, if you do pull the heroic act of completing this code, please let me know because I’m (obviously) very interested in it. I tried to keep the modified code as close to the original as possible so that a simple diff (e.g. WinMerge) can show what I’ve done, because I’m not sure I got it all right (as I’m afraid Bryant wasn’t, too).

Here’s the complete solution: converted to MSF


  • Kumaran

    please email me the code

    posted by Kumaran sreda, 20 februar 2013 06:02 Comment Link

    I will post my code as very soon as possible.

    posted by CINUE sreda, 30 maj 2012 17:38 Comment Link
  • Sirix

    Hi CINUE

    Can you please share your code with me too?
    Sirix25 [@]


    posted by Sirix četvrtak, 19 januar 2012 20:20 Comment Link
  • Pedro

    Hi CINUE

    Can you share your code with me?

    posted by Pedro sreda, 31 avgust 2011 19:54 Comment Link

    I has been completed this example to do a Download Sync, i'm new using Sync Framework and WCF and my code can be enhanced. Let me know your e-mal to send my code and publish it in your blog.

    posted by CINUE četvrtak, 09 jun 2011 19:37 Comment Link
  • bdrajer

    Hi Harjit,

    No, unfortunately I never went any further than this. I posted a question on the SQL Sync Framework Forum about implementing an alternative ( but was dicouraged by the replies :). I solved my problem by using FTP (no sync framework at all), it's not as elegant but is much simpler to implement. Let's hope that once Windows Azure passes from the spotlight, MS's attention will return to us with "normal" problems :).

    posted by bdrajer utorak, 17 maj 2011 16:16 Comment Link
  • Harjit S

    Did you ever update your sample code?

    posted by Harjit S petak, 13 maj 2011 14:38 Comment Link

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